Heroic Deathchin

About damn time, too! After about a week of attempts and a few sub 5% wipes, we finally killed him. First 25 man Madness kill on the server.

On another note, recruitment is open for MoP. If you enjoy raiding in a 25 man environment then feel free to apply.

Here’s the video, http://www.xfire.com/video/56df3c/. Encoding screwed up for YouTube (that and I think the video was too long). Crappy sound and not synced (one of my first actual videos, so give me a break <.<).

Heroic Spine

So, the 20% nerf hit we finally downed this thing. We were close with the 15%, and really should have gotten it then, but on our best attempts too many bloods blew up at once and wiped the raid. Anyway, kill shot.

Oh, and we’re at the 4th platform on Madness. Incoming post kill most likely tomorrow.

6/8 Heroic

We killed Ultraxion a few weeks ago with the 10% nerf in place, but since Near decided to be lazy and not show up to raid, there was no screenshot. We could have gotten this guy with the 10% nerf, but with some minor attendance issues due to spring breaks popping up we just couldn’t. Anyway, next up is Spine.



So yeah, the 10% buff hit. So it didn’t take nearly as long as it could’ve to beat this boss. And in fact, as soon as we switched to the 9/5/5 bounce strat, we pretty much had it. Healers are awesome btw. I dunno how they do it.

Of course we beat it in true OOB style. OHGODICEBLOCKICEBLOCK!!!

Done and Gone

I think we downed this fight the second week. We would’ve had it the first week but we kept having instances of the lightning not jumping when it should have. But really, it was simple. I don’t think we’ll have trouble downing it next week as long as we get past Yor.

At least the quotes are better this time.

The Guy Finally Gets some Rest

So despite the fact that this fight is entirely rng based, which is something I dislike, I actually enjoyed this fight. To this date, I believe (knock on wood) that we never got a red-black-yellow (double adds) followed by the same. That would have simply sucked.
Besides that there’s no a ton to say about this fight. So, screenshot:

I am rather unhappy with the quality of the screenshot quotes from this round, so pick it up guys.


Very clever there Blizz, on the naming of your baddies. I guess. I dunno, this fight didn’t feel all that heroic. However it’s one of those fights that when one person screws up and dies, it wipes the raid. Those types of fights are a challenge for 25-man guilds. RIH Archimonde.

Cataclysm Averted

Even though I swore it already happened. I mean they named the stupid expansion after it. But no, I guess Deathwing didn’t bother to get it right the first time. This time there was a whole lot of black…/cough…I mean I have no idea what happens if Deathwing gets off that cast because we certainly never let it happen. Ever. >.> Don’t judge me.

Anyway, normal mode was easy, as is it’s wont. There was stompy man, and tennis man, and ooze man, and “put me to sleep” man, and airship man, and Deathwing’s back, and then Deathwing. Nothing all that clever, but except for “put me to sleep man” none of the fights were absolutely horrible.

Anyway, two screenshots. One of my rad achievement and all of the quotes that I had saved up. And the second our actual killshot. Next week we start heroic mode. I hear it’s hard. Like bleeding from your eyes hard. I can’t wait.